Our Tradition Of Best Hospitality

Happiness is homemade, and so are we. With a touch of homely vibes blended with your lifestyle, we aim to provide comfortable and convenient hospitality to our guests. At Persimmon Farmstead, we are a family working to offer the best experience for another family. And going the extra mile to ensure your happiness, our property is all you need. A lavish accommodation in the lapse of nature is our hotel where you can witness the true serene views right from your perspective. With amazing facilities like well-maintained rooms, outdoor barbeque, in-house restaurant, huge garden area, and so much more just makes your stay at Persimmon, a must-visit. Just off the Leh-Manali highway, we are strategically located and very easy to reach. Approximately ten minutes drive from Mall Road –   and just five minutes drive from private Volvo bus stand.

Our Story

The lockdown has been a bane and a boon rolled into one. While scores of people lost their livelihood. The lockdown forced almost all of us to look at life differently. Things that we thought were essential for our survival don’t matter anymore. Location became just another variable in our workday.

Amidst all this chaos, two friends from totally diverse professional backgrounds, bugged with the lockdown decided to take a break when things started opening up. They drove over to Manali to spend some time with nature.

They explored various locations in Manali for 10 days exploring the place, activities and the local as well as other cuisines on offer. Somewhere during the exploring the place, tasting the food, enjoying the activities – they fell in love with Manali.

In their conversations with locals, they came to know that there is a sizeable community of so-called “settlers”. Comprising of city folks who are burnt out in their IT/corporate jobs and just want to break out of the concrete jungle. This fact piqued their interest tremendously and one night over a couple of pegs of Himalayan brewed whisky both the friends decided to jump in and become “settlers”.

Both being foodies – food was also a driving factor as they discovered that, though there are plenty of food options including some local flavours, very few places serve food that makes you go “wow”. So, they aim to make the food at ‘Persimmon Farmstead” a talking subject, along with the stay experience. They aim to serve finger-licking food which will make you say “wow” and will make you come back for more holidays in Manali at Persimmon Farmstead.

Now that, folks, is the story of how Persimmon Farmstead was born, or at least the idea started. And now, it’s a reality. Yes, we already have a few guests enjoying their stay with us and we are taking bookings.